a.k.a. Tracy Abell (tracyworld) wrote,
a.k.a. Tracy Abell

PSA: Pine Nuts


Sunday night Zippy made the best cilantro pesto
It was to die for.

Today we're regretting it.

It seems some people react to over-consumption of pine nuts
by experiencing a metallic taste in their mouths.
People like us.
Two to three days after the fact.

So for instance, this morning's smoothie tasted metallic.
Even my coffee didn't totally mask the taste.

And in case you're thinking a constant metallic taste 
would aid in weight loss (because who eats when everything
you stick in your mouth tastes like a handful of old pennies?),
I'm here to tell you the post-pine nuts sensation isn't a consistent sensation.

Some things taste better than others.
For example, I just got done "experimenting" with
a slice of cold pizza
a handful of tamari-roasted almonds
a bowl of cereal
and a banana.

Nothing tasted all bad all the time.
There were glimmers of good.
Not really good, but okay good.
Except I kept hoping for something that was 100 percent good from start to finish.
Which means I ate more than necessary.

So be warned: if you want to make that delicious cilantro pesto, go easy on the pine nuts.
And if you decide to live dangerously, let me know if there's anything that tastes 100 percent good.
Especially since this phenomenon apparently lasts eight to ten days.

Tags: domestic scenes, health, psa
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