a.k.a. Tracy Abell (tracyworld) wrote,
a.k.a. Tracy Abell

Mentor Monday: Deadlines


As I revise CLOSE TO HOME with Claudia's help,
I'm grateful for her insights and  encouragement,
But I've realized something else this mentor program gives me:

I've mentioned my aversion to adding new scenes.
My natural inclination in these situations is to
and defer.

I can be a world-class procrastinator.

But procrastination isn't a great game plan for the mentor program.
I'm now accountable to Claudia Mills.
I'm not saying Claudia gives off this vibe:

                                                          © 2010 Tracy Abell

However, I did make an agreement with her to turn in a certain number
of chapters by this Wednesday.
And I don't want to disappoint her.
Or ruffle her feathers.

She's kind
but she's also determined.

It's best to honor our agreement.

                                                      © 2010 Tracy Abell
Tags: birds, claudia mills, close to home, mentor monday, photos, writing - mentor program
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