a.k.a. Tracy Abell (tracyworld) wrote,
a.k.a. Tracy Abell

Sneak Preview

Last October, Laurie Halse Anderson (halseanderson) was the keynote speaker at the Rutger's One-On-One conference.  As you'd guess, she delivered a funny and insightful speech.  What you might not guess is that as she talked, she passed around a bag filled with daffodil bulbs, offering one each to whomever wanted to do a little gardening.  Apparently she'd over-estimated her enthusiasm for planting bulbs in the rocky woods surrounding her home (ordering way too many bulbs) and so decided to pass on the burden share the wealth with her fellow writers.

Well, I guess not everyone wanted to take a flaking flower bulb back home on the train, plane, or automobile, and there were leftovers.  The bag came around again and I got to select another bulb.  

For the math-challenged, that means TWO bulb-cousins to Laurie Halse Anderson's bulbs FOR ME.  Practically making us best friends, right?! 

And here they are, on the eve of their big debut:

If they'd hurried up and bloomed already, they could've debuted alongside TWISTED.

Tags: gardening


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