a.k.a. Tracy Abell (tracyworld) wrote,
a.k.a. Tracy Abell

My Sunday

Sunday is our cleaning day.

Wildebeest and Zebu cleaned their rooms, vacuumed, and "scoured" the downstairs bathroom. 

Zippy Ramone vacuumed and cleaned the two upstairs bathrooms.

Guess what I did?

Here's a close-up in case you need another hint:

I'd forgotten you're supposed to be able to see the contents of the fruit and veggie bins. 
(Visibility!   What a concept!)

So long, expired vitamin powder.  Farewell, fossilized chile relish.  Ta-ta, coagulated strawberry syrup.

Oh my .  Get outta here, half-cup of sauerkraut.  And take that furry whatever it is with you.

(Confession:  I keep opening the fridge to admire my handiwork.  That tells you a little something about my worth as a domestic goddess).

Tags: domestic scenes, wildebeest, zebu, zippy
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